Getting Involved in Your New Neighborhood

Moving to a new area is not just exciting, it’s also stressful.  Moving to a new town shows the promise of meeting new and different people and allows you and your family to enjoy new experiences.  It can also be stressful as you don’t always know the best people to contact, events happening in the area, or even doctors you should call that offer the best service for your money.

Join a Group

If there’s something you enjoy doing, look for a group that promotes that activity, and join it. Engaging in common tasks removes the awkwardness of meeting new people because what you have to do becomes more important than making meaningless small talk. Some groups to consider include sports such as local Hampton Roads Sports Leagues, work-related such as team-building activities, or hobby-related such as the Virginia Beach Adventure Park. If it’s your first meeting, don’t just hide out in the corner. Station yourself where people are likely to gather, such as at the registration table, buffet, bar or display. Ask the members questions and offer answers of your own when people need information. By the end of the meeting, you will have met a lot of people.

Attend Local Events

Now that you’ve been to a group meeting, the other attendees should have clued you into local events related to the group. If they haven’t, check out the local city government or tourism website as well as the calendar pages of the local newspaper. Attend all the events that interest you. If you don’t meet people, you’ll at least get involved in something different. If the event that you find is still in the planning stages, volunteer to help put it on. You’ll instantly gain the notice of organizers who’ll put you to work with other volunteers who can be your potential friends.

Go Next Door

Find a network of people in your neighborhood by using the Nextdoor© phone app or website. You can also use it to create your own network. Check out Facebook or other social media for groups set up for your neighborhood or city. Wander around the neighborhood visiting shops, restaurants, services and parks. Don’t be afraid to talk with people while you’re standing in line. Tell the cashier or waiter that you’re new in the neighborhood and would appreciate any info about good doctors, dentists, groups or upcoming events.

Remember Your Roots

The best source of networking for your new digs may be the friends and family you left behind. You will have hopefully told them way in advance about your move, so they can give you advice about how to connect up with new people. Contact your old gang by using social media, an email or a good old-fashioned phone call and ask for advice. You may be surprised how many of them have connections where you now live. Need help moving to your new home? Contact us at 800-409-7506 today! We look forward to getting you started in your new location.